Social Media Consulting Packages

Are you looking for a social media consultant?  Rick Upshaw SEO can guide you through the ever-changing world of social media in a way that maximizes your marketing dollar!

The current social media consulting packages available from Rick Upshaw SEO are:

Hourly Social Media Consulting

While we general recommend one of the social media consulting packages below, some clients may prefer to simply hire Rick Upshaw on an hourly consulting basis.  In this case, Rick Upshaw currently charges $350 per hour with a 4 hour minimum for social media consulting.  Consulting time can be broken up into smaller segments at Mr. Upshaw’s discretion and depending on his schedule.

Hourly Social Media Consulting services generally take place on the phone, via Skype or through screen sharing services.   If onsite consulting is preferred at the client’s location, the minimum number of consulting hours would depend on client location, and client would be responsible for business class travel & lodging.

Social Media Audit (Via Online Video)

Social Media AuditThe Social Media Audit in video format often proves to be more preferable for clients on a limited budget, especially in these uncertain economic times.  Rick Upshaw SEO will do a complete audit of your online presence, and give you the results via video for you to review at your leisure.

To learn more about how to avail of your Social Media Audit, please click here:

Social Media Audti (Via Online Video)

Comprehensive Social Media Optimization & Strategic Plan

Strategic PlanThis is your personal roadmap for your community and brand interaction on the social web.

To be successful, you need a mountain guide or a Sherpa to conduct detailed social marketing research, create and design a social media optimization strategy, walk you through how to implement that strategy and measure or improve your results so you don’t walk off a cliff.

To learn more about engaging us to develop your Social Media Optimization & Strategic Plan, please click here:

Comprehensive Social Media Optimization & Strategic Plan