Search Engine Marketing Services


Search Engine Marketing has truly become the most important (and most effective) means of marketing in the 21st Century “Information Age”.  Mainly, this is because the thinking behind this market is exactly the opposite of the way marketing used to be.  Prior to the Information Age, the object of pretty much any marketing method was all about blanketing the area in which your target market worked, lived or read (in the case of magazines and newspapers, for example) with your message in the form of ads in the hope that someone in your target market might see it.  Good marketers (or marketing departments) were defined by their ability to go out into the masses and:

  • Sift through the masses to try to identify prospects
  • Sift again to qualify those prospects
  • Try to convince prospects that…
    • they even want or need your product or service
    • your company is the company they should want providing it
    • you, personally, are a good person with whom they can feel good about doing business

This method represents a “proactive” form of thinking when it comes marketing (and sales), and has been the accepted type of thinking throughout the ages and well into the 20th century, through the “Industrial Age”.  In fact, most marketers (and marketing departments as well as marketing executives) are generally judged as to their ability to be proactive.  The more proactive they are (sometimes to the point of being extremely “forceful”), the better of a marketer they are.   Today, in the “Information Age”, with the advent of the internet and search engine marketing (or (“SEM”), the exact opposite type of thinking is the case.

Today, the internet and search engines give people the ability to research buying decisions before they even make contact with a company.  Prospects have the ability to decide for themselves if they want or need a product or service as well as researching for themselves what business or business professional is the best one to provide it.  This being the case, successful marketing techniques now rely on a reactive approach rather than a proactive approach.  All we have to do is to ensure that prospects who are already looking for you and what you have to offer can find you, as well as being able to find the information you want them to see about why you or your company should be the one to provide it!  The problem is that making all of this happen requires a lot of expertise and skill known as “internet marketing”, “online marketing”, or “search engine marketing”. is at the forefront of this Search Engine Marketing world.  Rick Upshaw has a proven track record for getting his own websites top rankings on the search engines (especially Google) which consequently brings significantly more traffic and conversions.   Today, he brings his Search Engine Marketing skills, experience and expertise to bear as he provides these same services to his valued clients.

We’ve put together a tactical, systematic plan for online success that drastically increases our clients’ return on investment. They involve the following search engine marketing services:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click Management
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Optimized Web Design

These SEM services – combined with our expertise, progressive tools, stubborn dedication and meticulous work ethic – are proven to achieve top rankings that last, and significantly more traffic and sales. We dissect your site and comb over your competitors’. We do the nitty gritty. Analyze. Scrutinize. Plan. Sometimes we pull out our hair. And then we go to work and treat each client’s site as if it was our own.

There are millions of websites out there. Each craves to be found. Each yearns for top search engine rankings. But only a few reach the first page. To earn those coveted ranks in the search engines, and to get the most out of your marketing spend, employ’s proven services.