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Don't kid yourself.

SEO is no longer about getting your website ranked better on the search engine results pages for search terms related to you, your business, or what you do. That kind of thinking is outdated. In order to rise above your competition, you really have to outshine your competition by truly "dominating the search engines in your target market (as well as other online venues)." Fail to do this, and your business will likely end up the next casualty of a failing economy. That's where Rick Upshaw SEO comes in.

Rick Upshaw SEO is a search engine optimization and marketing consultancy owned & operated by Rick Upshaw, an international small business entrepreneur and 20+ year search engine veteran.

Rick Upshaw has been dealing with the search engines since the early 1990's (back before search engines were the "in" thing). With more than 20 years of intensive "roll-up-your-sleeves" trial-and-error experience under his belt, Mr. Upshaw has the experience and the expertise necessary to do pretty much anything he wants to do for his clients on the internet.

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