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Thanks for your interest in learning more about how to contact Rick Upshaw & Rick Upshaw SEO (or to connect with him) through his various Social Media properties!  He’s looking forward to hearing from you!

Contact/Connect With Rick Upshaw SEO Via Social Media

Social Media has become all the new rage in the 21st century.  However, unlike most ” fads” that eventually fade out as people grow tired of them, or as the new “latest and greatest” thing comes out, this one appears to be staying for the foreseeable future.  Human beings are a social species by nature, so with the advent of the internet & Social Media, we now have the ability to socialize and be connected globally. Our “neighborhoods” and “cliques” are now just as much global as they once were only local.

As an expert in online marketing, which includes Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management, Rick Upshaw has obviously kept on top of these trends and actively participates in as many as he can, given his time constraints.  We have provided a list of the accounts below on which he is most active.

Rick Upshaw On Twitter

Rick Upshaw on TwitterRick Upshaw has a following of entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs and other business & marketing professionals from around the world that is approaching 10,000 people.  These people follow him because Mr. Upshaw uses his Twitter account to help his followers stay on top of the latest trends, as well as providing special tips and tricks of the industry that his followers can immediately use in their own online endeavors.  Additionally, whenever Mr. Upshaw learns of any special deals or offers, or even comes out with one of his own, his Twitters followers are usually the first to know about it.

Follow Rick Upshaw on Twitter here:

Rick Upshaw on Twitter

Don’t forget to click on the “Follow” button and add him to your Twitter list of internet & marketing professionals!

Rick Upshaw on Facebook

Rick Upshaw on FacebookRick Upshaw has a page on Facebook currently under development.  His staff is in the process of adding more to it, such as discussion groups and much more.  Check out Rick Upshaw’s Facebook page here:

Rick Upshaw on Facebook

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Rick Upshaw on LinkedIn

Rick Upshaw on LinkedInIf you’ve never been on LinkedIn before, it’s a social media site for professionals who are either looking for work or have work, but would like to make additional business contacts.  Your “profile” on that website tends to be more or less your resume.  It’s a great site with lots of opportunity!

Connect with Rick Upshaw on LinkedIn here:

Rick Upshaw on LinkedIn

Don’t forget to send him a request to connect!

Rick Upshaw on YouTube

Rick Upshaw on YouTubeBy far the largest video website is YouTube, especially since it was bought by YouTube recently.  Rick Upshaw maintains a YouTube Channel there on which he has as much his personal videos as he does work-related videos!  So if you’d like to learn more about Rick Upshaw personally as well as professionally, it would be a good idea to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Subscribe to Rick Upshaw’s YouTube Channel here:

Rick Upshaw on YouTube

Don’t forget to click on the “Subscribe” button while you’re there, and perhaps even add him as a friend!  You can also see a list of his videos,  go the pages for each video, comment and even give the video a “Thumbs Up” if you like!

Other Social Media Properties

As we continue to update this website, we will be adding new social media properties for Rick Upshaw and Rick Upshaw SEO.  Look in the sidebar right below the search field to find icons for easy access to all of those properties.

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